Thursday, March 28, 2013



Hi kids!

So I'll be taking a little vacation this weekend for Easter. Don't worry ok, I'll be back soon. Unfortunately I won't be vacationing for fun. However I'll be taking this time to get prepared for April as well as do a few other things. There will be posts so you've got something to entertain yourselves with.

I know you all have notice subtle changes around here. I'm working on making this blog more user friendly as well more exciting and unusual. I thought I would have it done by now but I needed a break. You know when you got the gist of something but just can't voice the idea like you want and it comes out all wrong?? Yeah, having one of those moments. I want a left sidebar, it's simple enough right? I try that and my test blog looks like a black hole from hell!! I'm still finding all the 10 million ways that don't work before happening upon the one way that does work lol.

So the cram school classes will start on time. There may be a late post here and there. But don't worry its because I'm busy multitasking my life into obliteration haha.

But I do hope you guys and dolls love the new changes. And if not don't be afraid to tell me so! Once it all comes together I'll be sure to give you all a proper update.

And if I don't get around to it, Happy Easter everyone!!

Mucho Besos!!



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