Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tinkerbell Sparkle Dust Cursor Trail

For those of you who are interested in where I got the Cursor Sparkle trail, or you happen to see it in the make a button tutorial. I'm here to give you the website from where I got it from.

I'll be honest it took me weeks to find the bloody website, because all the codes I found just didn't seem correct. Someeven wanted you to download pictures to save and then download something else and copy & paste that—it was absolutely horrid!!

Anyway the site I got the code from is called MF2FM unfortunately when I tried to open up the link the first time it wouldn't open. So I googled the name that the "creator" has it under which is Tinkerbell Sparkle Cursor. I finally found it, but it seems like nothing really comes up if you decide to look at the other cursor trails.

For the sake of all the Saké in Japan, I'll post the code below so if there's anyone else out there like who wants a good sparkle trail and can't find one or had this same one and wants an update.

Now for me I posted this code as a Blogger Widget instead into the HTML Template. It makes corrections easier and plus it won't show up on the blog. This code is actually in my footer, believe it or not. this code also works for tumblr, I've got it on mine! I bet it works on other sites too.


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