Friday, February 1, 2013

The Goodies Page

Hi Kids!!

So I got tired of seeing all these other blogs with goodies and freebies pages and buttons to snatch and grab. I was feeling real inadequate and unhappy about it all. Then that remorseful feeling vanished and I got pissed off because...well c'mon I'm THE Boss Lady, I can't have other bloggers showing me up right??
Unfortunately there wasn't much useful information out there for someone like me who doesn't have a budget (let alone being jobless and broke!) or a fancy graphics designer friend from college. All the information I found from other blogs I read today all talked about how you can make a button or badge or banner this way and that how much Sally Sue will charge you if she felt like helping you.

No, No....There has to be a free way to do this!!

So I thought I would do what I do best and use what I had, but I personally don't like the squared buttons. Everybody has those by default. The only ones who have the fancier shaped ones those bloggers had sponsors, money galore, or kissed ass to get it. Like hell if I'm going to do that. I started out wondering what to do but even then I didn't have pictures that were mine or things I wanted people to associate to the blog. But it's so hard to do so now without people freaking out about plagerism. I'm not taking the picture and saying it's my own, because I wouldn't want that done to me. I see it as small promotion of loving what you did and my recognition of such good work that I want to not only promote it but incorporate it withing my own. For me, it'll be an inspiration to do my own work of art and show people what I can do. Like I said if someone found one of my pictures I colored or drew and decided to use it just for fun and hobby type purposes only then I'm ok with. Not everyone is like that.

Thus I hit another brick road and trying to find vector images that revovled around CUTE bunnies that didn't have a price. Well that was like trying to go UP on a DOWN escalator--ain't getting nowhere any time soon nor any faster...

Then I decided to go to the App Store since I couldn't find what I needed. There I found quite a few things, that did come in handy. Until I came across one called Badge Maker (iTunes, not sure if it's Android thing). I used the one stamp I had and low and behold I was happy how it turned out. At first I was all like OH MY GOSH!!! Then I was all like JACKPOT!!


SO then I was like well I have favorite wallpapers that I like maybe those can work as backgrounds to spice things up a bit. I tried another and unfortunately that was a flop and I wasn't too proud and we shall dare not speak of it again. Then I took a nap and I'm like dammit I can do this, everyone else makes it ever so easy but they already assume that you have money to blow and the staff of 50 to help and create this awesome blog. I get that but unfortunately that's not possible for us bloggers who are broke but take pride and want to show our blogs off like everybody. Once I woke up I finally got the inspiration and was able to make tons of buttons! Some turned out better than others and well yeah it's still a work in progress for now.

Anyway I even made two gifs and a few banners to make things interesting at least for now lol.
So here's one of the buttons I made, if you want to copy it to your website (which I would appreciate a bunch) it would make me happy.

how do you make a gif at 

Pretty Fancy eh?? :D

If you would like to know how I made the gif, just click on the image and it'll take you right to the website I used. Now for the buttons, I made 7 of them with different backgrounds, and kept the "I'mma Bunny Boo Fan!" text.

On to the good stuff for those of you that want to make a good button (and hopefully you have an iPhone or likewise to work with and if not we can work around that) that may not be professional--BUT if it makes you happy, then that's all that really matters. I'll also even tell you how to get that awesome little scroll box and simple easy code for you to use. Yay for Tutorials right?! For the How-To, by all means click here.

To see the rest of the goodies, then you will definitely need to check out
Bunny Goodies!


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