Friday, February 1, 2013

Professor Bunny


So after going through my button fiasco, I've decided to bite off more than I could chew like I usually do and create a few (more) helpful reviews, oppose to the ones out there. Not saying that those are out there aren't good. It's just not enough information and to me if you're new to blogging or even HTML you don't want hear enter this code here and there and yeah there you go. 

Yeah there I go straight into a disaster!!

Even though I might be HTML coding savvy, sometimes I need to Google a code to find and/or make sure if I've got the right code, because nothing's worst than to work so hard and then it falls apart in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, it seems more people are concerned about getting more visitors than to post better instructions and information. For first timers it can be quite frustrating and unhappy and even discouraging for most people. I say with a little bit of determination that can fixed! Plus I've built this website for everybody's needs, not just for my own, not to get famous or anything like that, just to let you all know that there is a goofball who forgets what she ate yesterday for dinner but can remember the color code for azure blue lol. 

Anyway so yes I've decided to do a few Tutorials dealing with HTML among a few other things. There will be a Tutorials page that you can visit here, but in the mean time, you guys and dolls can find what you need under the new Tutorials label. 

I'll even post basic codes that are essentials and you'll use more often than any of them. I'll even post the color code hexagon I use when I'm doing my colors. If you blog from your phone you'll need these, especially to prevent having to re-edit the post when you get a few spare moments to hop on the computer (something I rarely do!). So I hope to have plenty of awesome stuff that helps you guys and dolls out because as first time bloggers we all need a little help getting started but have no clue what to write about or what to do, RIGHT?!

Well I'm not Batwoman or anything special like that but I'm pretty awesome and I'm willing to help as much as I can (if it's within reason lol).

So I hope you all get some use from it and you'll be able to start a awesome blog, just as long as you think it is, that's all that matters!!


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