Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Men, Bedazzle The Dick

So I came across this one night while surfing about. I found it so humorous I had to know more and believe it or not I not only found a definition for it but also a few pictures. Pejazzling is the male equivalent to Vajazzling. For those of you that don't what that is it's when a woman waxes the kitty clean, like brand new hardwood floors or those of you don't understand—HAIRLESS. Then she get's another lovely lady to glue on these cute crystals (sometimes faux fur or feathers....kinky, right??) in any shape, design or whatever you have in mind. It usually lasts for about a month or so and depending on the adhesive, you can possibly shower and go swimming with it. 

Honestly I don't know what I would say if a guy busted out his cock and it's more glittered up than a nail polish display!! That was so trippy for me and I just couldn't fathom the possibility, if guys are doing this to get more attention for the love below, I must say it's not going to work men. It really isn't and if some wild woman says that shit is hot, they're crazy!!

I even cam across a crazy article on Pejazzling that you all have to read about. Yes that's the definition I cam across that you see to the right here lol.

Hmm I wonder what will be bedazzled next?? I actually wouldn't mind seeing some bedazzled titties hahahahaa is that so wrong?? Oh my what if they come out with Ass Bedazzling?? OH MY GOODNESS! People are going too far with the fancy kitty and penis decor. Honestly just shave it or put it in a cute strip or whatever's your flavor. I'll only go so far as to pierce or dye it that's about it, sorry but I don't want random jewels falling from my crotch and confusing poor children at the swimming pool or bathroom XD.


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