Friday, February 1, 2013

How To Make A Grab Button For Your Blog

Now before I continue, I must say this was by far the most agitating thing that I ever had to do. Not only did Window's Movie Maker change on me but then I realized having music play in the background—Which in my defense is nice because watching a video with no sound of whatsoever that's longer than 2 minutes is quite boring...

Ok, so I decided not to upload it to YouTube due to copyright this and copyright that and how I need to call some big time music producer to get "permission" like really, do you think Timbaland is going to answer my call??? What kind of fool do you think I am?? Plus I didn't want to take a chance and upload it on there and they delete it without my knowing. YouTube is cool and all but I'm sorry they tore their ass with me when they deleted my one awesome video to just about all of them, then got mad because I didn't want to give up right to what I made (not the music) so they can make money and split me a small and not very desirable percentage. What I don't understand is how you going to tell me I can't use music when there's tons of videos like that but I see they're still up and running and don't get me started on them blocking my videos from being viewed...

Anyway I had to go through numerous websites and whatnots, and came across Vimeo and I had never had any real interaction with it up until now. I've heard people get excited about it.

Well I decided to give it a try, and after 3 hours of uploading, I realized I made a small typo error but we're not going to worry lol. Not the first time and things blogging what doesn't happen?? Lol. I might even consider adding Vimeo to the social icons at the top right haha!

Here's the video, and please enjoy and I hope this helps you guys and dolls a lot when it comes to blogging

How To Make A Grab Button For Your Blog from Bunny Ramsey on Vimeo.

The music used for this video can be found at the following links: Meisa Kuroki, Wolfgang Reichmann, Grapes, Hanae



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