Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Every year we single people have to be bombarded by the holiday created by Hallmark to entertain people and have the coupled off losers rub it in our faces. Yet they say don't worry you'll always have your friends to sulk it up with and watch movies and eat junk and bad food and celebrate you all's pity party. Unfortunately that's always in the movies ONLY and I've yet to have a friend come sulk it out with me. They've usually have left me to find some Valentine Day One Night Stand and act brand new on you or like they've never met you before in their life. But the lonely soul is only comforted for a short time and watch them come crawling back to you to tell you how you should pity them and their 72 hour romance--NOT THIS YEAR HONEY!!! 

Fuck that! Just because you're single for Valentine's this year doesn't mean you have to be forced to stay in or be bombarded by these sick ass people that the world already revolves around. I say go out and fuck up someone else's Valentine's day. Ladies see a man with his woman all hugged up and looking intoxicating, grab you a drink and splash it in his face and call him everything but the child of God and bless him for taking this fat whore out and leaving you at home with you and his 2 kids or whatever you want to say. You'll feel better and they'll be fighting for a short moment. Guys see a hot girl out with her man, just go up and start talking casually like you guys made plans for going out and then just act a fool on her. But not too much guys and dolls you don't want a serious fight to ensue, you just want to fuck up a few or several dates for the night. Then head on home with your super duper large pizza covered, smothered and dipped in everything with a big old quart of ice cream with your favorite movie flick or porno hell, make it interesting this year. Then tomorrow, when you go to work or school and people are whining or boasting about their beautiful night last night just talk about the vagina lollipop porn you saw on my website and how I'll give them a complimentary dildo to go fuck themselves. Because you and I really don't give a fuck about their evening.

In all seriousness I think they make the holiday way too uncomfortable for the single people and pressure the weak and crazy ones into a mad spiral of lust with the wrong people. Then you have to listen to their sad ass soap opera about what went down and you couldn't be farthest from interested in the whole shebang. Maybe one day we single people will get our own holiday that doesn't include having a significant other or those like me a family to spend it with that we won't get judged or turned away miserably.

Either way Happy V-Day, get out there and wreak havoc, The Boss Lady (Me for those of you that don't know) orders it ^_^.


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