Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nail Art Fantabulous!!

So while I was getting my thoughts together for a nail design for next month and since it's Valentine's I thought I would step up the occasion. However they all have the same cute little hearts and pink this and red that and all this and that and I'm all like that is so cliched to the original and I wasn't feeling it.  Especially since it'll only be for  for what 2 weeks or so. Then I decided well let's make it interesting and use a color that's unusual for Valentine's and speaks louder than usual. Anyway I still haven't decided on what I wanted to do....

Whilst I was looking for ideas and a little bit of inspiration, I happened to find a few blogs that cater to the fancier nail arts in life or at least I think so and I thought I would share it with you gals and dolls out there. So click the images below to see more nail art, nail tips and even ideas on designs and polishes.

Bunny & Strawberry 3D Art

Japanese Kawaii Nail Art & Tutorials 
(one of which I used for the 31 Day Challenge)

Zebra Swimsuit Nail Art Tutorial


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