Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mirrored Image

I don't understand men's logic on how they pick women. It's hypocritical and inconsistent.

They say they want a Woman that's damn near next to Halle Berry Perfection—yet they pick up the ugliest woman with the nastiest personality who's just a turn off with everybody. She's usually rude, nasty and has a jealous streak similar to a lion's fight over a lioness.

But they wife that woman and impregnate her or even vice versa. Then sit there and complain about how unhappy they are and want a NEW woman to correct what the wifey ain't doing. Or be the woman the wifey can't be. Or make up for whatever the wifey is slacking in. But yet he treats that other woman like a common whore, like she doesn't deserve to be treated like a human being. Or treat her like she's nothing more than a condom. Even is bold enough to tell that other woman how extravagant the wifey is over her. Or how better the wifey is, even say how the wifey doesn't need be changed and he loves her just the way she is. Yet he has the audacity to tell the other woman how imperfect and not good enough she is.…

But maybe, just maybe that's because their mothers never showed them what a good role model of a good woman is suppose to be and they're blinded by figmentation.

Because their mothers and fathers are lacking in good character. They develop the same traits and eventually the same characteristic personality.

The saying is true you fall in love with man/woman who is a mirror image of that of your father/mother. You can only expect so much out of people I guess.


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