Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hips Don't Lie??

While I was on my backup Facebook page browsing through the feed. I noticed this post that was saying how beautifully gorgeous this woman was and so and so forth. But honestly I sat there with my mouth gaped at how huge her hips were! I'm assuming she's from The UK given the article's origin. Her name is Mikel Ruffinelli, her hubby loves her sexy 8ft hips and says she'll never diet.

I'll be honest right now and say how vindictive I felt seeing this woman with her abnormal shape. It wasn't her confidence or how she flashed her jiggly parts like a Boss Lady. It was the fact that she not only was able to nab one man but two then top it off have four children! Stating she's an hour glass shape, I personally think she either failed in school or never need an actual hour glass before. Now I don't want anyone to misunderstand and think I'm jealous or trying to hate on her confidence. It's nothing like that. It's the fact that I get pissed that men say they know what kind of woman they want and how she has to be perfect in every way and then nab a woman like her but has the nerve to tell someone like me, who's a good 10 sizes if not more smaller than her, that I'm way too fat and obese. To me that's ridiculous and absolute nonsense.

But I see this in everyday life and even on TV these men are with these women that leave nothing to be desired really, whether it's their misshapen bodies, horrible attitudes or ugly make-up caked faces. Then I have to ask or wonder if you feel that once you supposedly fall in love all the things you once considered to be a problem has gone out the door then what takes you so long or what brings you to that point in life?? That's like a child finally accepting to eat their veggies like their mama said. Is it the misrepresentation of what kind of woman they want?? Or just plain confusement?? I even have to wonder what kind of man she married since he seems to condone her taking nude photos for some sexually inclined website. I really can't imagine a man being ok with that no matter how much money she's getting really.

Then again I guess that's where the to each their own comes into play. However it could also be the difference in countries and environments. To be honest I can't accept her story her being 400lbs and healthy and able to have kids. That's just too far fetched for me and plus you never see a picture of her oldest child. I do know one thing, being bisexual, her physique isn't turning me on at all it's nothing to do with her being a big woman, it's just down right disturbing and not attractive at all.


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