Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blue Plaid Rilakkuma Nails

So it was time for something new and fancy for the new year. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out what it was. I had an idea but I still need time to think. So whilst at the Walgreen l noticed they had Easter color or themed nail polish. I found a blue by Sally Hansen called Blue-Away that was the same color as my Rilakkuma phone case and then—EUREKA!!!!

Thus, the Plaid Rilakkuma nail idea was born and then put into immediate effect :D.

I loved how it turned out and my socks have been rocked and I feel super cute and extra happy about it too lol.

Anyway now you gals and dolls will know what a blue Rilakkuma looks like and how cute it can be lol. By the way..... Don't just my smeared index finger lol shit happens and I'm perfectly imperfect plus I'm contented with it lol.


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