Friday, January 18, 2013

Better Late Than Never!!

So while I'm sitting here watching The Lorax and waiting for my sims to redownload due to a mishap. I thought I would take time out and say Happy New Year to my lovers—yes you!

By the way I may be getting off topic here but I want that Disco Tree XD.

Anyway the reason why you guys and dolls haven't heard from me in like forever well it's because I unfortunately got the flu. Oh my goodness is it bad ass!!

I got sick, well actually I started feeling pretty bad the day before New Year's Eve. By time New Year's Eve came, I wasn't feeling up the par and still went about my daily life. Until around lunch time and my stomach started this wicked Paso Doble. There I sat eating my fried chicken and fruit cup. Then I decided to take a nap that lasted until a good 10-15 minutes before midnight. Did I mention my mom lost the remote a good 2 weeks before this?? Yeah she did smh. So you know that meant no New Year's Rocking anything that night!!

So there's me and Madea, getting ready to toast the New Year. We did, with our sparkling grape juice. No sooner than 5 minutes into the new year I was hugged up with the toilet feeling like Death was upon me and was going to be tearing the door down any minute. Four hours later I was able to stop heaving and hoeing and go lay down for a little while. Unfortunate around 9am New Year's Day I was back in the bathroom tossing imaginary cookies for hours and feeling oh so sick and really wishing I could die right then and there. The next few days I spent in bed moaning and groaning because it felt like I had a gasoline fire hell storm going on in my stomach. The worst part about the whole thing was that you guys know I love to eat!!! Ugh all food was evil as far as I was concerned. I personally thought I had food poisoning because that's what it felt like. Don't get me started on the chest and back pain that follow the celebration.

So a week into my own sickness, what happens?? My mom starts throwing up like a fire hydrant gone wild. Ugh Mama spent like three days throwing up and could barely make it to the bathroom so thank goodness for buckets. I was concerned to be honest like:

This is it Allah, I'mma be an orphan and I'mma need you, Buddha and the thunder cats to pray for me!!

So there we were spending a good week in bed and exhausted and tired. I've gotten better even though every now and then my stomach begins to hurt and I need to take a handful of peppermint tums and have some rest. Mama still has her cold from before the flu epidemic but she's gotten a bit better but not much. Ehh we're troopers we'll be alright lol. So no worries kids ^_^.

Anyway in the midst of my illness. Tell me why the friend I hear from every two weeks to once a month pops up like HEY HOW ARE YOU?? Well if you read my Facebook you would know I'm thinking to myself. He's so out there that he doesn't even know my Facebook got deactivated. Anyway I decided to ignore him. I wasn't feeling good and was pissed he didn't read what I last wrote to him. So then tell me why he had the nerve to have a fight with me saying I have to answer him and how he's deserved so much from me and he needs to know where he stands with me and how he's been the bestest friend to me and all this crap! Oh my goodness!! What ticked me off is when I'm like WTF you do the same thing to me and then he gave me the same excuse he always does about how rarely he goes on Facebook—yet when he wanted a piece of ass he talked to me 24/7 every fucking day—yeah uh huh. He's so self inclined that he hasn't even realized that I deleted him a day or two before he contacted me.

Yes kids, I went into a fit of rage and started deleting and blocking people left to right on Facebook. I felt it was needed. Why?? I'm tired of hearing how my problems are negativity and how that's the reason I don't have any friends type crap. Or how I just ruin their happiness or make everyone uncomfortable when I'm around. When in actuality it was them. They talk to me when they want, or only get buddy-buddy when they want a present for a new baby or wedding reception. The messed up part is that a good 5 girls I know personally are getting married within the next 6 months and did I get invited?? No. I only get invited to the reception and I'm told I need to make it up and bring gifts galore for not coming to their wedding—I'm like excuse me???? How about you invite me first then things will blow over smoothly. I even told the crazy butt how we're within 5-10 miles of each other and I never hear from him. I hear more from the friends I have over seas who are in a different country and time zones. To me that sad and says how shallow and sick minded these people in America can be. But what can you do?? That's just the way things work nowadays...

So I deleted all those who chooses not to remember my birthday, those who only call me up when they want something like money or presents or free daycare. Even those who had the nerve to tell me my problems are insignificant and useless. And even those who could possibly run a mutiny on me. And even those perverts that just work my nerves with their constant you're gonna be my sex bitch talk—yup they got deleted too. Some even got blocked. After I deleted a good 200 people, I felt so much better. No more posts about their imperfect overly exaggerated perfect lives with their significant others and hideously ugly babies. It's gone and to have the extra few minutes to my own self without getting 100 notifications about who stalked my Facebook the most. It's been fabulous!! Really it has. I feel like I'm not being weighed down, not just by other people but by myself for letting those who meant nothing in the first place get the best of me. It's truly a magical feeling.

Also I've given up on the job search—for now. I did apply to a few more places in December and didn't get much luck. One place the woman called me from two different numbers. Then another the guy wanted me to be his house maid and personal assistant wrapped into one and I haven't heard back from him at all. I also got another interview with Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant but for a place that's a good hour away in distance. So my mother suggest that I start writing novels or something. I thought it could possibly be an endeavor to try. I've got nothing to lose or gain really and until something better comes along then definitely maybe. So we'll see how that goes.

Well there is a part two and since this took me days to write lol. Plus in my delirium I made quite a few typos that needed corrected too. Maybe tomorrow if I'm out with Madea I'll start the next topic for the rest of what's been going on lol.

I would also like to mention that I met my goal of 1,440 posts by December 31, 2012!! Even thought it doesn't show it, I got to 1,500-something lol. Either way I'm happy and I made an accomplishment. Let's see if we can double that number by the end of 2013 ;D.

Anyway Happy New Year kids and I hope yours was better than mine and let's make this year another awesome one :D.


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