Sunday, December 9, 2012


If its not one thing it's like a million others that just ruin it for a gal.

In the midst of making my Sims a more user friendly like I like, get it all settled so that I can go back to my typing and blogging. It decided to cut off on me and I ended up having to restart the computer. Fortunately I can't wait to be done with that.

But what really burns me up is the fact my period think this is motherfucking game literally. These 3 day breaks and threatening my good panties bullcrap has got to stop. Ehh more on that later.

What really disturbed me the other night I was going out to get something and stopped to potty like I usually do. Well I got this queer headache. Almost migraine like just more annoying and then my wisdom teeth had been bothering me. So I decided to check it out to see what was up. Well the gum line has separated itself from my bottom right wisdom. The top right wisdom was aching and at the time I had no clue why and just as a bonus the left wisdoms decided it was their turns to act like complete jackasses.

So there I was in the bathroom trying to figure out wtf is going on with my mouth. The right wisdoms started spouting blood and I'm like why me?? Why now?? Why are women in existence???? Sorry. But I was feeling bad and I'm tired of hearing the only way I'm fin to get any help of whatsoever if I'm a baby mama. Well the top right wisdom had dwindled down to this remaining nub and whatever's left within and under the gum line. So that nub felt wobbly and I bumped it a few times with my utensil and was sort of happily thinking it would all slide out nicely. No such like the thing broke at the gum line crookedly leaving a now smaller nub. Not only did it bleed for a whole night, it hurts like hell to chew anything over on the right side. As for the left side, food will get stuck in my already decade baby Grand Canyon looking bottom left and top wisdoms. Grand isn't it??

Go to the dentist you say?? Not a possibility. No dentistry will see me unless I have insurance. Aspen will but I refuse to pay $5,000 for wisdom teeth removal. However if I were to get dental insurance, not only do they NOT cover wisdom teeth extractions of any kind, but I would have to pay out of pocket so we're still talking $5,000. Yet they give free dental to the baby mamas who are too lazy to even get their kid an immunization shot. It's ridiculous. As I sat there last night filling out my benefits packets. I couldn't help but wonder am I wasting my time?? At least the food stamps help in a way. But if I can't even chew bread how is that helping me?? If I can't even get medical this time I'm going to be pissed. I feel like I'm being punished for not having a kid because I felt there was a better correct way going about having a child. Not just some one night stand with a creepazoid I don't know and end up with diseases I have no way of curing.

UGH! Whoever called the bloody things "wisdom" needs to be punched in the face immediately -__-

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