Thursday, December 27, 2012


"Collective Work and Responsibility"

This is by far my favorite Kwanzaa principle. It is defined by building and maintaining our community together and make our brothers' and sisters' problems our problems—and to solve them together.

This definition applies to all communities, even to all races. I personally think if people embraced one another and work on the problems closest to home, then the task of moving on and becoming better and seeing a good future prosperity can advance.

I don't think help should be given during a disaster or a war. I don't think the consideration of your fellow man or woman should cross your mind when it's too late or after the fact. You should do things now why you can and especially so when it will count the most.

Like for example, you cannot expect the youth of today and tomorrow to college if you make that an unattainable goal by raising the college tuition out of a normal family's means. You can't expect that every prospective employee that comes across your path will be college educated, honing the several years of experience you seek. You also cannot expect a college drop out to pay back loans, when he's been unable to get a job—raisin the interest will not solve the problem, that hurts and breaks him down that much more. You can't expect a woman to come off of welfare when you continuously allow her to reproduce a new child to have a reason to stay on. You cannot expect these young men to respect women and show them the valuable worth of a woman if they themselves come from a family of men who were not taught the same.

To gain a positive, you must correct the negative. If it cannot be corrected. Then that's ok—you did your best and you at least tried. Things are not meant to be easy, and some times you have to go over the same mistake or task quite a few times before you get a positive result. Just like the inventors, they didn't finish their project and become instant success on the first try, not even the 10th try and some not even the 100th try.

However if you can encourage someone and say we'll work this out together. Then do it. Don't leave them idly waiting for you nor should you back down. Never let Fear intimidate you, never let Fate have total control over your life either.

I find it sad that people nowadays have become so selfish that its quite disgusting. I've had a many people I've tried to help with their problems and would even bend over backwards for them. However when I have a problem or an brooding issue...I'm told to get over it or how negative I'm being.
I'm sorry that my being unhappy, broke and staring at a lonely future in the face is being negative and mood killing.
Like the so called friends, they can't "remember" my birthday, nor remember what my first name is. But they know my name and address as soon as they get pregnant with a new baby, or want me to go the distance for their birthdays. Some are even rude enough to tell me I'm not allowed to come to their wedding or even birthday part or outing; but they expect five presents. Two for what they initially wanted and the other three to make for not coming to a party or event I was never properly invited to in the first place. I don't hear from you in a whole year but when you want something here you come.

My asking well you know who's hiring?? Or can you hook me up on a date with your cousin's brother?? Oh then I'm the most demonic human being ever to walk the earth. I don't think that's fair, nor is it nice.

But I've learned this much, I know who my real friends are (which are very little next to none almost), I know who did the most damage to me. I know who to stay forever away from, I know who'll come back like nothing ever happened and its all good in the neighborhood. I've learned it's better to be on my own. I've also have had the time to think. I may not have my life planned out like I want to. I may also not believe that if I help everybody, everyone will be good to me. Instead, I'll help those in need. Because before you help anybody else, you've got to be strong enough to help yourself when everyone else has turned their backs on you.

So for the future, help someone in need. Don't be so selfish, and work on building better communities and more happier life for the next generations to come.


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