Saturday, December 29, 2012


"Cooperative Economics"

One thing about most cultures, they inspire each other to build a better economy. However then there are other cultures and countries even, who strive to demote the economy and make it a unhappiness for all.

It may not be done intentially. However things do happen and that can't be helped. I know now our American economy is struggling. And the president is doing his best to make it work. However if you've got more people against you than for you, that does create a problem and must be rectified as soon as possible. If its not then there's definitely going to be hell to pay.

I know especially in the black communities, we have a tendency to want services but want them free of charge always. However that's not possibility and if it wasn't offered one shouldn't assume that it'll be done. Like people tell me I should do other women's nails. I don't have a problem with that, however I also don't want to hear how she'll hook me up next Tuesday and then I never see the woman again or know her real name. I seen once in the nail shop years ago a woman wanted her nails done and the nail tech was towards the end of the process and the woman started complaining how crooked the nail acrylic was. I'll tell you now in any case, you can fix that, whether by shaping it with a file or using nail forms to get the shape to a desired liking. Anyway this woman carried and stopped the nail tech and refused to pay. Not only did the nail tech have to redo the entire process for this crazed psycho, she also lost $50+ for doing nails twice and making no profit. If I were the nail tech that woman wouldn't be allowed in my shop ever again. I would personally take her photo so I remember who she was. But that's not the first time I watch something like that happen.

Having people like that woman, prevents others from opening or starting businesses. Or even continuing an old business in fear of working hard and not gaining any money from it. It also makes the business quality go down. That same nail salon I spoke of above. They've gotten so lazy and mean, they over charge people and use the cheapest acrylic which means you'll have to go back to them in 1 week instead of two or three. If I first get mine done I go back in two weeks for a fill then I won't need to go back for 4 weeks and that's once a month. Which is good for me. But this year I've done my own because I don't like the over charging or cheap acrylic used. Also I may not be a professional but I know what's going on. I mean they've gotten ridiculous $35 for a full set and a lousy design I can do at home. Or $25 for a fill. If I get the opportunity, I'm opening up a nail salon and charging $20 for a full set and $10 for a fill. 2 finger designs are free, 4 finger designs are $2.50, 4+ finger design $5+ depending on the design. And others will be tended to if such a miracle happens lol. Oh and be in a nice location that's on a bus route as well as have a nice FREE parking lot.

Then again, even though I have that much looming inside my head, if I wanted to get a business loan of some sort from the bank I'd be turned down because of bad credit and no job and no this and no that. It'll truly be sad.

Maybe one day things will change, trust will be re-instated like it was back in the good old days. Then the communities can prosper. Like everything else, the people will have to want their environment to prosper. Only then can the economy prosper and become a better community not just for yourself and the other dwellers alike. But for the future generations as well.

Think back to the olden days where cowboys and pilgrims and royalty roamed. If someone need wood for their home, they may not have the money to purchase it outright, so they may have sold their cow or some vegetables in a trade for wood. Once built, they may even send the husband or eldest sons to help the man who collects and distributes the wood. That was cooperation. We all need to learn that trait and practice that so we can have a better, prosperous future.


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