Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Twelve. Twelve! Twelve??

So today is suppose to be considered a lucky day. It's the last repetitive date well see (or about 90 years from now if you're young lol) and everybody's been going stark ravening mad!

To me personally it's no big deal and I never had much interest in it in the first place you know??

Anyway I spent my night last night blogging and posting a few things I hadn't gotten to because my mind was mentally exhausted after Monday's crap. So I happily blogged and still have a few more things Christmas themed for the 25th to post too. Well anyway, I Facebooked with a few of my across the water friends and checked to see what my sims were doing, I think I missed someone's birthday *oops!* and eventually I dozed off and finally went to sleep.

My mama wakes me up tells me her medication is ready at the pharmacy for me to pick up. Also it's now dinner time and I have to grab something for that. Well I check my phone and my little sis tells me she can't find me on Facebook. I'm thinking:


Well I go to the Facebook app and it's blank like an empty plate. So I go to Safari to log in there. It tells me:

Your account has been locked because its been brought to our attention that you're not using your real name. Click here to verify yourself.

Now I'm pissed. So I hit the submit button, filled in the word capcha then got taken to another screen. This screen said to verify who you say you are, we're going to show you a photo from one of your Facebook friends and you tell us who's in the photo. I'm thinking ok, how hard can this be??

They give me a picture alright. A fucking poster off of somebody's Facebook. Then a list of names and a few of those names in particular looked very fucking suspicious to me. So I tried the I don't know button and that didn't work. Tried the skip button it took me to another blank page and wouldn't reload or go back—nothing!! So I logged back in again and they told me they had no solution or resolution for me at this time and to try again later. I logged in my other account and tried to find my Facebook. It's gone. So I tried to verify it and it gave me one of those damned-if-you-can-read-this capchas. So I guess I'll tend to that when I get back from running my errands this evening.

So if you're looking for me, don't panick....kind of disappeared but not of my own accord.

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