Monday, December 3, 2012

Taurascope 12/3

If I've ever disagreed that a man getting a lethal hit in the crotch—first off let me apologize. Two, I now know exactly what that feels like. Noo I didn't get a punt in my cunt lol. But dammit if my horoscope didn't fuck up my mood. I was already pissed off because I had to delete some photos off my Facebook of a used to be friends' baby because people were mistaking the little monster of being mine and its like GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!! That kid just turned 3 this past weekend and last time I saw him was when I took those pictures when he was 7months old or something so how exactly is the kid mine???? Anyway, checking the email randomly I see my horoscope and decide to read it. Not only does it tell me I'm going to miss being sociable today but I may miss out on some compliments. WHAT?? FROM WHO?? What sofa will be talking to me today???? Smh turn my pisstivity into a serious downer—GAWD! Ehh have a look for yourselves:

Today your biorhythms may be a little low, Taurus, so you aren't likely to be feeling very sociable. You're more likely to want to bury your nose in your projects instead of being your usual outgoing self. This is OK, but take care that you aren't so reclusive that you miss receiving some sincere compliments. That can make a big difference in the way you feel!

My feelings will change when I get my student debt to disappear and society to understand that it's not my fault I'm not married dammit. Then my feelings will be entertained and I'll be a happy Rabbit—seriously. But since neither of those are fin to happen at all EVER, it's best I don't get my hopes up :p.

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