Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nail Salon Slacking

So Monday I thought I would've been out of the welfare office earlier than 4pm and would've had enough time to go to the nail shop because I needed some professional help immediately.

Anyway, I thought after I stopped and got me a bite to eat and picked up my mom's medicine I could stop and get a fill real quick. Well I did stop and I parked. So I noticed the one salon across the street was shut down like it was on criminal lock down and I was surprised they were closed and it only being 6pm. Well I moseyed to the one that used to be my favorite at one point that I also went to last month.

Mostly if they're not freshly done I only need a fill once a month sometimes two if they're done right. But lately they've gotten lazy and use the cheapest acrylic and has the nerve to up the charge like its ok smh!!

Anyway I go, the salon is closed and had two people left in there. I was stunned! They're usually opened until 7pm and here they are closed! So I searched for a list of nail salons opened "late" and didn't have much luck. I might do that for anybody else in my position. I found a few but all were far away. Hell I found one open until midnight!! How cool is that ladies??? Anyway so then I saw one that was in the shopping mall I was planning on going to for groceries, I decided to call and asked how late they'd be open. They told me 8pm! How grand!!

The man did a pretty good job and he used good acrylic and I was happy about that. He needs to get his tip painting skills in order even with the correction process. Plus I felt $22 was a bit much for a fill and sorry white tip -_-. But since it's suppose to snow the next day, I had to be humble. It didn't take long and the place was clean and very comfortable over all. Even told him what happened and he thought that was absurd they had closed at 6pm too!

Well either way I have a few adjustments to make and then I'll be happily satisfied lol. Decided to try something I saw and save what I wanted to do for another time. Hopefully you gals and dolls love what I've got brewing in my head ;D (click here to see what it is!).

So stay tuned!!


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