Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!


You can't expect much out of me this time of the year soooo if you're offended you might want to leave now.

Anyway kids, now that you've opened all the presents your parents (or Santa) brought you. And the excitement is partially over until dinner time. I shall make your Christmas a sucky one either way. Why?? Because a lot of people forget there are people out there alone and unhappy on Christmas. They never got a present before, they never got to trim the tree or eat figgy pudding (whatever the hell that is...) anyway all I'm saying a lot of people don't really enjoy the holidays like majority of the people do. Hey there are some homeless and those who won't get nothing to eat tonight and others like me and my mama who lost a loved one during this holiday time and it's just months full of a bad memories (hence the poor people in the Connecticut Tragedy).

The other reason I'm doing this is for the little Scrooges, the Bitter and Grumpy People out there like me who can give less than a damn about this holiday. It's nice but like really who gives a damn??

So I'll be posting things that would ruin a child's happy love for Christmas so keep them away because they're innocent and let's keep it that way :). Sooo! Let the Grumpy Cat and WTF-ery BEGIN!!!!



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