Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kwanzaa Nail Art

So while celebrating Kwanzaa like I wanted to do so for the longest time, I decided last minute to do a Kwanzaa Nail Art design.

I commence to googling for inspiration. Unfortunately all I found was an art decal, a terrible mess of a design and glitter. No designs no nothing. Believe it or not I found more Hanukkah nail art than what I was looking for. Thus you know me I decided to change that.

It may not be be nothing fancy but its festive and shows that I do like to Celebrate Kwanzaa. I hope this also is the start of something with everyone too ^_^.

Now, you only getting one hand instead of two. The other smudged on me and to be honest, it was dry and I even showered and did chores and it shows up hours after that smudged...... Sorcery if you ask me. Either way I liked how it turned out. I try not to make my designs too elaborate or extravagant since I'm not super super good with my left hand. I do better than some, but suck just the same.

So when I fix it you all will get a picture. Hopefully lol.

Anyway here's what I used for the Kwanzaa design. Since at the time I wasn't sure if I had a green appropriate enough I used my nail art stripers/paints.

China Glaze Luxe & Lush
Red, Black, Green with Gold and Silver nail art paints. Used Matte Top Coat (New York Color is the one I used) Yup very simple right??? :D

For the others I used Fergie's Grammy Gold and then topped it off with her wonder gold glitz called Glamorous. With the Seche Vite Top Coat.

Hope you gals & dolls like it!! Lets get out there and make Kwanzaa just as fabulous!!


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