Thursday, December 27, 2012


"Self Determination"

A lot of people misrepresent Self Determination for Selfishness. To me I don't think that's true.…

There's nothing wrong with being selfish at times. It helps prevent people from having the upper advantage and over-using you. However some people can take it too far and be so mean and self absorbed that they lose sight on the very important things in life.

But in self determination, you're not being selfish or vain. No, in fact you are showing yourself the appreciation that you may lack or are in need of. You are giving yourself that courage to face your fears, to be what you've always dreamed up and to stop at nothing to get yourself to be the human being you not only want to be, but would love to see face-to-face; diligently staring back at you in the mirror.

Coming from someone like me, this seams a bit far fetched and I won't say I'm the only one. A lot of us lose sight, faith and hope wishing ourselves. No one can help us get it back. Yes it does start with ourselves, but also an opportunity must be present as well. You cannot expect your well to be filled with water, if the opportunity of rain hasn't presented itself.

For those like me, who have just an ounce of self determination left. Please do not lose hope or faith. It may not happen anytime soon, but eventually whether this life time or the next—it will. For the new year examine the small changes you can make of yourself. A new hair cut, a new hobby, a new route to go somewhere, some new clothes perhaps. Every little bit counts. Never let anybody tell you different. I also won't say you won't be a super star or a celebrity or strike it rich in the new year. But you may gain something you've needed in your life all along that you weren't aware of. Not only does that improve your life, but improves who you are and who you later become.

Now those of you doing great and are satisfied with your current self. Well done but do us a favor, show the same kind of opportunity you had, to someone else who is in need. I don't mean charity or donation or helping at a soup kitchen. You can do those and that is fine. I mean, if you see someone as a prospective employee, but they don't hold all the necessary requirements—give them a chance to prove you wrong before saying how wrong they are for the job. Mistakes are meant to show our growth and ability to learn. See a girl that catches your eye, but she's always in sweats and a T-shirt, give her a chance—she might be a knock out if she had someone to dress up for. Notice a guy that's not your type, who said your type was flawless?? He might be the very thing you need, especially those cold summer nights and the cuddling is just right. Hearing grandma tell another story about her life, don't shy away so quickly, you might learn something you never knew before, or hear another story that's far more fascinating than any movie. But don't look at these things one-sidedly. Not only are you helping someone else build their character or polish theirs into something great. You're making your own character, your own self into something just as spectacular. That's what self determination is all about.


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