Thursday, December 20, 2012

Is This Really The End??

Well I thought of posting this for 12/21/2012 but I felt that was wrong lol. Because if the world should happen to end even by accident, you guys wouldn't see what I had to say last!!

Anyway, I can say this much, it's been a pretty ok life, I won't say it's been great simply because it hasn't. Not to mention it wasn't very fulfilling to say the least, and I never got what I really wanted. The ups and down were great learning experience and it helped me learn a lot of lessons and even experience things I never really considered in my life before so with that being said, those parts were worth it. It's sad that we (may) have to face such a sudden abrupt stop like this, but also we've heard this before and nothing happened. I just hope people learn to calm it down and act like people and not retarded cave people.

Welp! I'm fin to give you my solution on how to handle this tragedy (if the world is ending of course).

  • Tell you love ones how much you love them
  • Tell your haters and people who you just downright loathe to fuck themselves
  • Don't tell that person you have a crush on you love them, at a time like this s/he's already got somebody to share this moment with (sorry!)
  • Take pictures and post them so surviving generations can see what our world was like and hopefully continue it in a more civilized way.
  • And above all else...

Seizon Senryaku is Japanese for Survival Strategy. Which is going to be interpreted as save your own ass. Yes you can save your baby, but also think of yourself, not everybody who survived will be enthused about raising a kid that's not theirs ok. Just letting you know that now. 

In all seriousness kids, be safe, I will say that it's been an absolute thrill spending time with you and I enjoyed every single moment of it ^_^.


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