Sunday, December 30, 2012

Good Guys vs. Females


I thought this was an interesting something I saw on tumblr and had to share with you guys and dolls. It is quite unfortunate but yes sometimes good guys finish last, but I can say I've been friend zone by a many of guys and even expect the guys I was friends with would one day see me in that "I want you to be my lover" light but that never happened. Now the guys that I do friendzone are far from being nice or good guys. They're those fuckers that are bold enough to tell me he want's his dick sucked and how I deserve to do anything else but that like I'm some low rated sex slave. That's not the worse part, in fact the worse part is when he tells me how much greater the girl he's with or want to be with is oppose to me and I even know she's all wrong for him, just like everyone else says. But when I voice that, I'm being a mean bitch.

That's ok, I'llbe a mean ass bitch and you can get the fucking vacuum cleaner to suck your fucking dick you little punk bitch...


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