Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Glittered Nail Polish

Glittered nail polish is a girl's most needed accessory. No matter what you wear, you always consider which glittered polish looks best.

Unfortunately there's a serious major downfall to glitter polish—Removing it! Many of you ladies know the agony we face when that bright stop sign red glitter is no longer hot or that tasteful rainbow of blue and teal hues are no longer cool. The process of using 80 cotton balls (or swabs or anything you can find!) and a bottle of 100% acetone for every finger is not only daunting but a serious pain in the ass. Sometimes even after all that you've still got glitter splattered on your nails like nothing happened. Makes you wish you could have a chainsaw and sandpaper to get it off, right???

Welp while browsing Facebook this morning I found an article that was shared from a fabulous blog known as BellaSugar and it gives you a how to on making the removal process of glittered polish a bit more easier on the mind, body and soul. To see this tutorial Click Here! Can't say for sure if I'll try such a thing, since I tend to stay away from glitter polish as much as possible but it's just soooo friggin HARD!!! It's just so shiny and mesmerizing!

Ehh maybe once I get my thoughts together on the next design we might give this a go—maybe lol.


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