Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Vacation Nail Art

Hey Gals & Dolls!!

Well, I know it's a bit early for Christmas Vacation and in this case I'm sort of talking about the movie with Chevy Chase.

Anyway a few weeks ago I had seen this awesome Nail Art Tutorial on Facebook. At the time I wasn't sure who was the artist of such awesomeness but I loved the process of it and thought it was pretty cool. Anyway in the midst of deciding what I wanted to do with my nails since my celebratory grievance was over with, I remember the tutorial and decided to try it. Instead I decided to kick it up a notch—BAM!! Well you know what I mean lol...

Well when I was looking for it I couldn't find it on my phone or actually remember where I had seen it and I was sort of disappointed and went looking for it. Finally 50 million designs later I found what I was looking for and guess what?? Would you believe that Lauren Conrad is the creator of such said awesomeness?? Even though this is last year's design I still loved it and I was shocked she would be doing her own nails. Or maybe that could be just me. It is fun and I learned during the 31 Day Challenge that it can get interesting to the point you always want to do them yourselves. Anyway how cool am I for giving you dolls the tutorial?? If you want to see the original article I nabbed this from click the image to the left.

I did decide to use gems instead of paint on the light bulbs. To me that seems asinine but even maybe the way I did it, is just as crazy to someone else. But hey, to each their own right?? I also couldn't do a full white nail, it gets dirty and I felt an off-white wasn't good and all I could think of was a khaki colored polish. So I decided on a white tip instead and then I felt all the nails with lights were a bit much for me, and chose to add a small simple design for the ring finger.

Do you want to see it??


I decided to name it after the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Because like the movie you're expecting perfection but get utter chaos instead but all for good cause of course. So the white tip represents the classic, sophisticated feel a french manicure usually gives off. The string of lights are the chaos because they're all over the place, tangled, twisted and in discord. While the ring fingers represent, the happy holiday spirit that (most) people have, so the different colored candy canes, decor, the whole all around Christmas Cheer. I loved using the gems and I felt these marquise cut ones looked better opposed to the teardrop cut gems. Plus the teardrops were a bit bigger and I wanted it dainty and more realistic. Now I did post pictures below because I wanted you gals and dolls to see the plug and outlet on the thumbs. I painted the hell out of that lol.

UPDATE (12/13):

I thought I would let you gals and dolls know about the ring finger art. It's just white like the others, just arrow/diamond shaped. On top of it though, I put one coat of Revlon Moon Candy Moon Dust. Then I used red, green, gold and silver nail art paints (stripes or whispies whatever you call them). Now if you can't find the Revlon Moon Dust, which can happen I haven't seen it since I got back in October, maybe even September, you can use an alternative (or whichever you like, I personally liked the holographic look when the light hits the design a certain way lol). That alternative is China Glaze Luxe and Lush, exactly the same thing and probably just as good. Like I said use whatever you see fit or change it up like I did ^_^.

Happy Nail
Arting Everyone!
Happy Christmas!!


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