Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baby Mama Crazy Drama


So I found this crazy mess the other day when I was on yahoo answers looking for an answer.

Now one all I can say how where and when did this girl get pregnant?? How old is the baby's father?? Then where the hell is her family and why they hell aren't they more involved than they need to be?? Now if they kicked her out or disowned her even emancipated her—why isn't welfare helping her?? Then what the hell possessed her to decided to leave her baby with the baby's father and then attempt to run away?? Does her foster parents know she had a baby??

Like oh my gosh there are so many questions that come up and even raises suspicion on her part as a mother. It's absolutely ridiculous. The best part about all this is the fact the people seem ok with the situation. But if I posted a question like that, not only am I getting cussed out and told how horrible I am and how I need to kill myself but they'd make a mountain out of that mile hill. That's when I find people absolutely crazy and insane.

What do you guys think about this??


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