Friday, December 7, 2012

A Few Spare Moments

Hi Guys & Dolls!!

Ugh!! I've got plenty to tell you and since I have some undivided and undistracted attention—we shall talk.

For the purpose of this post it's mostly going to be about what's been going especially with the 24 Days of Christmas as well as a few other things.

Now I was on the straight an narrow with the 24 Days of Christmas and actually one story in particular my mom started to tell it a few nights ago and I decided to record it. Unfortunately all things Apple are so intelligent that they make things unnecessarily difficult for no reason. So I've been google g my ass off for the past week on how to get it on here so you guys and dolls can it here :D. Plus there's another one I wanted you all to hear as well so yeah I'm working on it. Also I wanted that to be the next story before continuing it or coming back to it but then changed my mind and said it'll get done when it gets done but it just didn't flow right and I didn't like the feel it gave either. So please be patient while I figure things out.

Also Welfare had to ruin the end of my already bad ass hectic November by telling me I have to renew my food stamps and I have these "form(s)" completed by December 10th. Thanks for sending them late. Thus I went down there yesterday about the forms and you guys will get a post about that as well. For all of that I could've stayed home.

Um, what's next??

Oh yeah!! I hope you all enjoyed the Aunty Acid posts! I sure did, Aunty's a real humdinger wouldn't you agree?? Lol. I've also took out a little time to catch up on My Little Pony. It's like if its not one thing, it's a gazillion of them and not enough daylight to do so (since it gets dark here around 4ish in the afternoon now).

I've also haven't forgotten about the 13 Day Novel so don't panic if you think you've missed something lol. Just been bogged down with a bunch of stuff, plus I didn't plan my period taking a trip down memory lane, ladies we'll talk about that later. Not to mention I redid my nails and I'm about to redo them again so yeah!!! It's been a roughie for me.

However I think that since today will be rainy I'll spend it napping as usual and writing in between. Oh yeah I've also been building houses and creating families in the Sims 3 as well and I plan to upload those and for those of you interested can download them to your game ^_^.

Another I'd like to do is get started back with my manga and anime. I miss the relaxation it gave me. Plus I also have to talk about what happened on Monday, it was awkward to say the least and yet for a moment it was reminiscent but felt emotion-less. I don't know stranger things have happened.…

I also do plan on making my quota of 1440 posts by December 31st. It might be a lot but I definitely think that I can get it done :D.

We'll talk soon!!


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