Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting, Yes Please!


Well! I hope everyone who were registered voters had the time to go out and vote.

To be honest I'll say first time voting is so awkward. Hell it's easier to lose your virginity than it is to vote. Plus I was surrounded by shiftless people and the woman suppose to be showing decided to go have a conversation and a reunion midway through my lesson. I will say to those who are first time voters in the next 6months or so, it's best to pay attention to names. A few I recognize and others I did. Then what perplexed the hell out of me was this Green Team, Yellow Team, Fruits and Veggies teams. What the fork was that??? Smh!

I doubt that I would do it again, depends on how I feel about the situation lol.


The Polls are now closed and now it'll be a waiting game.

I remember when Obama first got elected. My parents went to vote and I was still a non-believer of it. I understand its important but those people wanted to be equal. I don't see how voting is equal when someone's going to be picked regardless if your vote counted or not. It's like student politics in high school. No you don't want the popular skank to get the crown, but she always does. Just like the jocks get the girls and the trophies.

Anyway, that particular Tuesday, I got my hair cut, more like trimmed and my parents dropped me off. As I sat there with my then bestie and her boyfriends and his friends and so on. It took until about 2am before they announced that Obama was the president. At the time I wasn't excited or disturbed. My problems had already stemmed out and was getting uglier. Think about this was two or three weeks before my dad died and about 2 months before I moved to Altoona. So as time grew it wasn't important. I found it strange that America would allow a colored president and everyone's opened to it. It wasn't about "moving forward" it more about finding someone to blame for Bush Jr's fuck ups. I can honestly say that cold November Night 4 years ago, I felt sorry for Obama because he was way in over his head and being influenced and little did he know they built him up to watch him fall. Which was sad. But I admire the fact he did his best and made it work.

So we shall see who becomes our next president. All I hope for is a job and to keep my food stamps lol. If not then Romney's ass is mine. May need to open up one of those Brothels they had bak in the cowboy days that Ms. Kitty ran (Ms. Kitty's off of Gunsmoke XD). Sorry but I love cowboys and westerns lol.

Who would you like to see be president and why? Say how you feel not what Obama has or hasn't done, don't even mention what Romney said and promised. Which man do you feel holds the capability of running a country and keeping peace amongst the foreign ones and help re-stimulate the economy?? Just by looking at them, which one is the best??

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