Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 3! pt.2


Hey Fellow Bronies!!

I know my last post was pretty Pinkie Pie-ish but I couldn't control my enthusiasm lol. So sorry about that lol. Anyway if you happen to miss the 2-part Premiere of My Little Pony Season 3, you can watch a live stream of it tonight around 7 P.M. EST and then you can embark on the wonderful world of ponies lol.

Now I'm pretty sure it'll be all over the web in some way or form, but I know definitely it's going to shown again at the above time at Otaku Ascended so be sure to check it out. Also the guys who run the awesome Otaku Ascended said to definitely subscribe (or just bookmark it like the rest lol) to their YouTube Channel The Otaku Ascended.

And because everyone such a good sport and I'm in a fantabulous mood today, I shall give you what you've all been waiting for :D

PONIES!!! Sorry not interested in littlest Pet Shop......that came out while I was an adult. Ponies been out since I was a little baby Bunny myself lol.

Well either way—ENJOY! I shall see the rest of you Bronies tonight at 7, hopefully :D. Also definitely check out this adorable awesome picture by an awesome Deviant Artist, Beavernator, the picture is titled Saving Crystal Ponies......Through Heart Attacks.

Pony Pictures obtained courtesy of FanPop.


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