Monday, November 26, 2012


So I meant to write this up the other day but I was so pissed and disturbed that I needed to go to bed instead and time to think on it lol.

Anyway unfortunately the night before black friday or of it either way, the bathroom lights went out. So since it wasn't the light bulbs I knew it was definitely the fuses. I had been wondering but dreaded the very thought of changing them because of our returning tenants living in the basement and garage. Yes we have crazy hood ghetto rats living down there who only come during the winter -_- they're so crazy they've eaten the soap and toothpaste even the mail. Like what the hell??

Anyway so I'm disgusted I have to go down there. Now the best part, I don't know where fuses are that we brought which was months ago like warm weather! So I ran out on Black Friday to go get fuses. Picked up a few other things that were necessary like a miniature cap gun to keep them at bay since they don't like noises. We also needed a new extension cord and light bulbs for one of the rooms.

There I was checking out in Kmart. I decided to buy up the whole available stock of fuses 30amp (see photo) because those were what I needed. I go to check out and everyone is still in that Black Friday kick ass mode and I wanted out of there so I could change the fuses during the day no such luck though. I put my things on the counter and the woman is ringing them up.

This old couple that was behind me just jumped all in my personal bubble. Then this is what happened:

Old Guy: Are you even buying the right fuses?

Bunny: Excuse me?

O.G.: It's apparent you're buying the wrong fuses, the 30amp doesn't work and you need 15amp fuses.

Bunny: No thanks. I got what I needed and the 30 are what I need.

O.G.: Well you're going to be sorry because when your fuses blow, your lights are going to go out and you'll be in the dark.

Bunny: The 30 are what I need ok, our house is older and this is what they use. Thank you but I know what my house needs.

So I'm about to pay for the items tell me why his wife moved me out of the way to see how much I owed the woman and how I was paying for it. It's like excuse me?! So the old guy refuse to stop arguing so I left in a hurry. Now at this point in mad as hell, I got to battle with gladiator hill district rats and this old douchewaffle was just telling me what the smurf to do at my house!

Well I get home and I go to change the fuses. The rats thinking I was down there longer than necessary decided to intimidate me by making noise. So I got my little cap gun out and started shooting away like I was The Rifleman. Thankfully there was a bottle of ammonia and they're not fond of the smell so i dump a bunch of it by the door in case I needed a quick getaway. Plus I didn't want the raccoons getting friendly with the garage either. So I had noticed that they had chewed a hole in the basement door and chewed up a old box and I figured they don't like the basement much. It floods often and is always damp and cold. Now the fuse box is located behind a 40 year old freezer and I have to squeeze past that and some old panelling my dad had that's old, warped and hard to move. I called and told my mom to call me when ALL the lights came on.

So there I am changing the fuses and I hear this creepy music coming on strong. I'm like:

WTF?! Have the wolverines and raccoons come to kick my ass and eat me??? Are there gonna be zombies?? I really don't want to run tonight....

So since I'm forever alone literally and I don't get any phone calls of whatsoever. I changed my ringtone to Michael Jackson Thriller for Halloween. Didn't even know I didn't change it to something else. That's how sad and pathetic my life is lol. I pick up and it's mom and I'm like what mom??

I'M IN THE DARK OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Bathroom lights are on (´・Д・)」

Mom I said to call me when ALL THE LIGHTS CAME ON AND STAYED ON! (-。-;

Oh oh ok sorry I'll call back ( ^ω^ ).

Why me?! I thought.

So back to changing fuses. Not only am I a fattie but I'm also short and I can barely reach the fuses. I dropped 3 of the 5 that I needed to change. Then I got shocked by one of the fuse sockets. After a time I got em all in and mom called and told me it worked out. So I was happy.

Then the rats tried to intimidate me again and I set off a few more rounds. Then poured the rest of the ammonia out on the ground. Then I locked the doors and hauled ass to the car to go get the rest of the stuff my mom wanted.

All I can say I hope I don't have to change the fuses until next year—no make that the next 5 years (-。-;

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