Friday, November 30, 2012

Cinderella's Slippers


I saw these awesome shoes on facebook. These are by far some of the most awesomenest shoes I've seen all year long, well maybe not, I did see a pair that was $800 that were gorgeous. Yea I'm a shoe whore but I prefer sneakers any day =D.

Anyway while I was searching as to where they came from someone posted a link in the comments. Apparently someone awesome on Etsy make some that look similar but are also just as beautiful.

Well both of these lovely shoes are meant to be wedding material, however if it were me I'd get me a bad ass dress and rock it out and make all the skanks jealous!! Yea you may have a new iphone but I got bad ass shoes and a dress to match—HOLLA!! lol

If you're interested in seeing the Etsy shoes click here!

If you think you can definitely afford these shoes or definitely decide to have these beautifuls for your wedding, I definitely want to see a picture!! ^_^


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