Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #8

A Spiritual Pirate

Well now that the election is over with and we have a wonderful man as our leader. I still can't say I want to be a Democrat. Never really enjoyed these already substantially picked groups. OH MY GAWD don't get me started on the green, yellow, purple and chartreuse teams either!! Smh!!

Well I decided before I took an actual interest in politics that I enjoyed being a pirate. Strictly off the top of my head and I felt comfortable with it, even though others probably thought I was nuts. That's ok. I want my own beliefs.

Well one day I decided to google to see if there was such a Political Party known as Pirate. Low and behold—there was! You all don't even know the joy and happiness I felt in my rock hard cold solid heart that day lol. I loved everything pertaining to the Pirate Political Party. I felt like I was finally where I belonged no matter what people said I would rather be there than to have something chosen for me. Even though our president is black. I didn't vote for him the first time because I had no interest. It wasn't something I wanted. I still say Hillary Clinton should run in 2016 though :D. So when May comes for 2013, given the fact we all still living by then (lol), I'll make sure to change my party from Democratic to Pirate—ARRGGGHHHH!!

Now on to religion. I never really felt it necessary to connect with someone or more or less something that I'm not totally sure exists. Now before you say I don't know what I'm talking about and what a shit ton of fire storms at me—HEAR ME OUT PLEASE!

All I heart was that God this and Jesus that. Well what about the other religions?? I was told not to worry about those and in a weird fashion they were wrong and only Christianity was right. Well I don't think that's right. Or fair to those who want to believe in other things. So I was dubbed a Baptist and my mother told me to pick. Even now she's a full believer of God and I am Not—conflict much?? Anyway, like most Americans they unconsciously agreed to be Christians never stating or practicing. And I don't really want that.

I believe there is a God and Jesus. However I don't believe in them and I feel I shouldn't have to or be made to feel that's my only choice. I've always believed in the Greek and Roman Gods. Aphrodite/Venus is the mother planet of Taurus. Even in the constellation the planet Venus isn't that far from Taurus. I find that to be fascinating and simply beautiful. I also believe in Buddha, Allah and Voodoo. The good voodoo where you worship your ancestors opposed to a set god-like figure. I even believe in atheism and those that represent Satan in some way or form. I even believe in the Jehovah's Witness. I love the way The Asian countries believe in guardians and deities. I even believe in Catholicism, believe it or not. Why do I believe in all of these?? Because they all represent how I feel. I don't think we should be made to follow one thing. It makes me, personally, uncomfortable. I may want to believe in Allah or Buddha next week, or one I'd like to go to a Japanese Temple without feeling guilty.

I know while in college we had to study many different countries. When I got there we studied Judaism, Hinduism, one more I can't recall right now. But I enjoyed every single bit of it. I especially loved the different traditions and holidays these religions offered. It was like being emerged into something spectacular and I then said well I wanted to practice Hinduism. But I changed my mind because I liked all the others as well. I think of all the different religions I could be apart of but I always find there's a reason why I cannot commit. It's never a bad reason, it's the religion is lacking somewhere and I may disagree or don't like it. Like Christianity and Catholicism doesn't believe in Same-Sex Marriage or how Muslims do not eat pork or even how you don't commit yourself to one god and one only you're against the religion. Well I disagree and I always will.

Well while I spent most of this year "finding myself" and trying to become some kind of person of interest lol. I happen upon how Tupac Shakur felt about religion. I understand his point of view but I had to wonder, when you need someone to talk to or those that do pray or even to say thank you—what do you do?? Only so much in life is built on spontaneity actions. I can't accept that a friend no longer wants to have a relationship with me because I don't have kids on life's process of existence. That's just how things work. People are luckier than others. I think some of us experience more pain than others so we won't be tempted to accept all that luck has to offer. We'll be able to live knowing we don't need luck to proceed forward in life.

Then the more I researched the topi the more happier I became when I found what I needed. 3 religious beliefs and one Bunny lol.

I'm not trying to convert someone to my beliefs but don't let other compromise how you feel. If you want to be with Jesus go right ahead, if you love Allah do it! Even if you want to make your own Japanese Spirit Temple do so! Do what you believe in, you'll be happier and ready to accept any and everything then.

So what's my religion??

I'm an Omnistic Syncretistic Deist who's also a Visualist (Definition 1; Definition 2)

For a lack of better terms I'm a Omnistic Syncretist and I'm proud of that. Even if its not a reality. I feel comfortable with the fact I can be spiritual and not be judge completely and accept the beliefs I want to accept.

I'm a Spiritual Pirate either way and I don't care what anyone has to say ^_^.

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