Monday, November 5, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #5

"Problem Solver"

I've always been the go-to-gal. The one who can help out an provide good advice and still have an answer.

Well that's find and dandy. I don't mind it really. Unless you have an Askhole on your hands.

There's a part me of that actually like to solve certain things and come to non predetermined conclusion. Like fixing a computer, you're not sure if it'll work or kill over completely once you've finished your work.

Makes me think of the time I went to Walmart with my mum a few months ago. I found these ink pens that needed to be solved to use them. They're like two big huge links. When I solved how to used them, I don't even want to use hem they're so precious to me lol.

See here it is

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How cool is that!? I like those types of problems. Rubix Cube and College....I wish to avoid such problems they make me angry XD.


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