Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #4


(Translation: "Otaku Bunny")

I am an Otaku. It started at an early age. Whenever Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon jumped on the American scene lol.

I don't think it bad. But to be an Otaku is to have a huge interest in anything not just Anime, Manga and Video Games. I've always been fascinated by Japan and the culture. I always felt one with it and very comfortable. As I grew older that fascination turned into a bond that grew stronger with passing each year. I guess you could say recently I've become a NEET. That's perfectly ok too, I'm stuck in a rut with no true way to get out and I can't let that bother me, you know. I'm more like a Homegirl lol. I spent the last few years after college heavily involved in watching Anime and Manga. Not so much this year because of the whole SOPA thing. That crap messed up everything.

I got so interested, I went to Manga school believe it or not. I graduated in 2009 from Manga University. It's nothing great, but I did accomplish something. I do love to draw and I always have a new idea looming often that I doodle or jot down. I also have hopes of going back to refresh what I already learn and to see how much better my skills have gotten. Maybe that'll be a project for 2013 o(^▽^)o.

I'm still heavily involved with my Manga and Anime. I know the ones I haven't finished, those I wish more seasons/books were added, and even those coming out next year I can't wait to see. I'm always opened to new things and want to experience as much as I can.

One day I'd like to an American based Manga. I like to talk about my parents' story. It's quite interesting and I think a lot of people would like it. I also considered doing so because I thought one day I'd be a mom and I wouldn't be able to remember everything about my dad so if I made it into a story and have pictures then it'd be a nice keep sake ^_^. Hopefully one day I'll start. I'm going to call it Juice Bone XD haha silly name but it has a nice ring to it don't you think?? Maybe even put the stories I've written into Manga form as well. I don't know ^_^ I still got time to think on it.

In the mean time Im going to focus spending my winter Finishing up my Manga and Anime and watching new ones I've yet to see :D.

I am an Otaku Bunny and I am proud of it! Hehehe ヾ( ^ω^ )ノ

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