Friday, November 30, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #31

"If I Could..."

If I could ever get the chance to have a do over in life I would take it in a heart beat. I would try my best to make what I want happen regardless of the circumstances. I would try to make it work when life happens unexpectedly. I would even hope that the second time around I would accomplish my lifetime goal in time without having to worry about other people and how they'll affect my future. I would have that perfect carefree life everyone talks about and have those good, great friends you hear stories about as a child. I would be ever so thankful and happy to be right where I belong. Even more elated to the fact that I'm apart of the puzzle and to be accepted and respected. I wouldn't even care if people didn't like me or refused to get to know me—just being acknowledge and accepted is good enough for me. I would do everything in my power to become a better person and go overboard to be a better woman. Because I definitely would want to be wanted, along with loved and kept in somebody's heart for a very long time. Not to have my appearance be misjudged or mistaken for something else. I would even do my best to be a stronger person for when it counted. Definitely learn not to let what other people say or do to me harm me in any way or form. I would even take time to learn that my body deserves respect and my heart deserves love, protection and respect. I would want to go that extra step—that extra mile to see what's in store for the journey I walked and endured. I would definitely want to make it count the second time around. If I could ever get a chance like that, I'd be the happiest person in the world. Hell, anybody would—

However, if I did that, I would never get to see what would ever happen to me at this point in my life and what follows. I must say the curiosity of what will happen next keeps me from straying to the darkness. Then again, if I could is nothing more than just wishful thinking, that one day all of this pain and heartache will turn out for the best.

For now, I take all of my experiences and hold them tight. For when I get to the next life I know I'll try even harder to make that one work—just like I always wanted...

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