Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #3

"A Spoiled Baby"

Since I'm the only child a lot of people automatically considers me a spoiled brat. When in actuality if I was that spoiled, I wouldn't in my current situation and my life probably would've turned out different. If my parent did spoil me it wasn't much and it was keyed under control.

If we shall pin-point anything, I'm more of a baby.

Which brings us to Confession #3...

I love to be babied. The whole nine yard. The baby talk, the cuddling, even when I make my baby sad face to get what I want to my mini temper tantrums lol. I just love that kind of attention. I mean anybody would. To get your way (most of the time) and have people fawn over me and make me the undivided center of attention.

However I also know I can't always have it that way too ^_^. But it's still nice even now as a grown woman to have my mom fawn and baby me lol.

Don't judge me ;D

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