Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #21

"50 Complaints of Bunny"

Like always I'll have to admit I but off more than I could chew. Then while I sit here I have to say that if I didn't do that it wouldn't be much of a challenge now would it?? Keep Calm & Bunny On!

When I planned this project. I'll admit and say I didn't have it all together and more or less winged it up until now. Probably will do so until the end. However a friend was talking to me on Facebook and made mention that this project sounded similar to 50 Shades Of Grey. I am not though so we don't get a mix up here lol. But I thought about it and I liked the titled but we were about to drag this out for 50 Days!! I got a Christmas project to do! Lets not forget the Sims and the novel isnt finished either!! We ain't got time for all of that. So I decided to include it anyway in some way or form lol.

Now since I couldn't get all my confessions in. I decided that I would write down 50 confessions, one sentence only—in no particular order. It'll be tough but I'm sure I can do it lol.

So buckle those seat belts it going to be a bumpy ride!

And away we go!

1. I had severely crossed teeth as a child and they were bucked bad.

2. I actually have no bones in my month above my top front teeth due to removal after a head concussion.

3. Never been out on date nor had a boyfriend ever.

4. A piece of string amazes me like it does cats

5. French Fries/Potato Wedges taste good with Tostitos Con Queso Dip.

6. French fries also taste good when dipped in ice cream.

7. I'm not much of a domesticated woman, but I will try lol.

8. I hated spending time with my parents and now I regret it the most.

9. I believe in Superstitions.

10. I talk to myself probably more so than others.

11. I hate the outdoors, always have and always will.

12. I'm a tomboy at heart even though I act a bit girly sometimes.

13. Believe it or not right now as I type this, I don't have any friends.

14. I'm a procrastinator.

15. I've turned into a judgmental cunt because people judged me too much in life.

16. I love to clean and wash clothes and by #7 I mean housewifery.

17. I don't like change and it's hard for me to adjust and accept it.

18. I always wish upon a star.

19. Saw my first shooting star during the summer.

20. I'm more of a Vampire than a Night Owl lol.

21. I believe that all men are shallow and hypocritical.

22. I'm only a fattie because I love to eat sweets and junk food lol.

23. I'm selfish, demanding and egotistical at time—but hey I'm an only child, I'm suppose to be.

24. Deep down I still would want to like to get married and have a family—just who I am conflicts that.

25. My mom didn't know she was pregnant with me and only had a 13-day pregnancy.

26. When I get attached to someone I begin to fall in love them.

27. I've traveled to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and loved it!!

28. I can't ride a bike, rollerblade or swim.

29. I've died before—quite a few times.

30. I hate the holidays Thanksgiving and Easter.

31. I pick my nose and giggle at fart jokes like a hyena XD.

32. I learn something new everyday due to the poor education I received.

33. I was really scared when I got my tongue pierced.

34. I've had my piercings pierced over again same whole due to the jewelry falling out and my hole closing up.

35. I get lost easily.

36. I don't always understand simple directions.

37. The little Japanese I do know wasn't learned by watching anime but because I took courses in it as a kid.

38. My mom dressed me up in a Sailor Fuku for picture day at school when I was in elementary lol.

39. My first love is Food, then it's Sims and Sailor Moon.

40. I don't remember who I had my first kiss with.

41. When I cold I get extremely sleepy, coffee also has the same affects (makes me sleepy).

42. I like cream and honey in my tea ever since I was kid.

43. My favorite color wasn't always blue; it was red and orange.

44. I laugh in my sleep like people snore and sleep with m eyes open XD.

45. I'm afraid of our backyard, always have been.

46. I love computer aided drafting and building homes as well.

47. I just had the most epic epiphany to make an awesome adjustment to my Sims home.

48. I easily get distracted like in #47 lol.

49. I know I'm imperfect, strange and weird; but I'm a good person once you get to know me and you'll love me to death—figuratively speaking.

50. And I did this post in the most easiest and laziest possible way lol.

Nothing fantastic but a confession is a confession right?? Lol XD

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