Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #2

"Laughter's Cure"

"Laughter is the best medicine!"

"You've got to laugh to keep from crying."

Those two sayings mean the world to me. I believe it's true. In any case I think it's best to laughter when you're ready to cry. Laugh about any and everything. Because it'll make you feel so much better and it'll also give you a different outlook on things.

However it can be taken too far. I know. I usually take it there.

Confession #2

Most people snore, or moan or even kick in their sleep. I laugh. That's right I laugh in my sleep. Sometimes it can get so bad that I wake myself up and can't stop laughing. It's like when the Joker gives his victims a heavy dose of laughing gas and they uncontrollably giggle for hours until they die.

Well for me I haven't reached that moment where I DIE per say. Just giggle like crazy.

I can't really pin point how long I've been doing do. But the very first time I recognize it was when I was little and my mom woke me up and asked if I wanted breakfast and I sleepily answered yes. Then went straight back to sleep. In a matter a few minute I began to giggle. Those giggles soon turned o uncontrollable laughter and it was actually quite frightful and painful. So a bit of humour and trauma together. Those are the ingredients for a good comedy lol.

Now it happens often enough my mom wakes me up and asks me what's so funny. That's if I haven't woken myself up of course lol.

If you think this is bad, my one room mate from college was scared of me and my random bursts of laughter.

I look at it this way. Maybe I really needed a laugh. Maybe the dream I was having was going in another direction. Either way there's a reason why I need to laugh while I'm sleep. It could be even to make up for the days when I don't feel like laughing at all.

Either way I wouldn't change it for the world lol.

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