Monday, November 19, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #18

"LéSans' Naïveté"

This is going to be a two-fer!

Well start off with the best part first.

Anyway since I decided to start off November with a flamboyant bang of colorful crackle nails. I thought I spend the rest of the month being more adhesive to the traditionalism and bit more sophisticated. I had an idea but then the I dead turned epically great!

So when Sally Hansen came out with the Holiday 2012 collection had I had to jump on it! I loved the colors all except for one. Just didn't excite my fancy is all. And I originally thought I would wear the one I wanted known as Simply D-Vine the rest of the 15days. Unfortunately I couldn't imagine wearing that or looking at it for such a time.

Then I noticed that it had the same base color as Raise A Glass and I knew then I wanted to do.

So here is my design. I hope you guys and dolls like it :D

Aren't the hearts darling?? Lol. It took me awhile to find a suitable frame for it.

All I did was put down Raise A Glass first and then use a tip guide sticker and cut a half moon of Simply D-Vine and place it on top and put down two coats of Seche Vite.

Now if you keep up with me I used Raise A Glass back in September for the Clueless About Aumtun design. This is quite simple and if you don't have a sticker guid ladies, any edge you like, even if you cut it out and trace it on and wow us—if you like it make it happen!!

Now the reason I did it this way because, I love Raise A Glass and always will. I liked Simply D-Vine as well. However I felt either couldn't work for me this time alone. I felt like they needed each other and it made me comfortable so to speak. When I was considering the process of what I do things like that. I couldn't help but chuckle and say that's the Naïveté in me. Then it struck me. I'll call it LéSans Naïveté too! At first I doubted it but it just worked for it. It made sense.

The reason I did the design how it is. I feel there's a fine line between me still growing yet still being naïve about a few things, if not all things in life. The Raise A Glass represents my growth so far, about half way. Yet the Naïveté that is me and apart of me who is in fact LéSans, the Simply D-Vine still inches its way back up, growing every which way it can and consumes me every now and then. However I will always have the tips of my fingers dripping with LéSans' naïveté of things.

Now on to part two!

Naïveté means the lack of experience, wisdom or good judgement. When I first read that a few months ago I realized that when I was LéSans I full of naïveté. I lacked experience, lacked the wisdom and lacked good judgement on just about everything. When I finally was able to grow out of that. I was happy. I felt alive and free. I felt I could do anything.

Every now and then I would have a naïve moment and brush it off because I was now Bunny, new and improved and so much more than before. Or so I thought. Then over the recent year, I had to learn a lot about myself. I lacked experience, wisdom and judgement in areas I had a crash course in. Then I wondered for a short moment am I reverting back to being LéSans? I didn't want to. I didn't like being vulnerable all the time or going unnoticed or perceived as a fool. It wasn't healthy and made me miss out on a lot of opportunities in life. I regret that. I regret being that naïve when I should've been more forthright with everything I did.

While I pondered this thought and disliked where it was going. I felt as if that I had never really become Bunny in the first place, I was more of a façade than anything. Then reality brought me back and my bitterness and bluntness came ringing through. Then I understood fully what I was thinking, considering and pondering. It was all coming back to me now and made sense.

I didn't become Bunny on my own my environment around me shifted so much without me I wasn't about to be taken advantage of and constantly have my feelings her. I didn't want that. I didn't like that outcome for me. So I made a change and thus Bunny was born but I just didn't know it. As Bunny evolved into what I am now. I can help but still have a remainder of Naïveté in me. Just like the tips of my hands are soaked in the naïveté, I will always be LéSans whether I like it or not. That's how I was born. That's how I came about. However nothing said I couldn't be something BETTER than LéSans. I did exactly that I became Bunny and I enjoy each moment of it.

Even though I may be Bunny my fingers just like many other parts of my body will always be LéSans. I can't fully get rid of her and doing so that means there wouldn't be a Bunny. The way I see it Bunny is like LéSans' protector. When this get rough Bunny saves the days and makes things worth my while. I'm happy to have someone watching over the weakest part of me, LéSans Naïveté. I've still got a lot to learn and even knowing I lack a few things. One day those things will become a learned lesson that'll stay with me forever.

I'll always be Bunny, but there is a part of me that will forever be LéSans. All that I've gain so far in life, has all been apart of Bunny's Naïveté of LéSans' awkward lifestyle :). Bunny is the Tsun and LéSans is the Dere. Almost like a Yin and Yang. Without each other I wouldn't be whole and I definitely wouldn't be Tsundere, I suppose lol.

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