Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #17

"You Can Even Be TOO Blunt"

There are times when my bitterness get the best of and I turn out to be more of a bitch than most people would consider. Even my mother tells me from time to time that my attitude is just wretched and I need to do something about.

But that's the thing I learned that if I'm nice I always get taken advantage of and end up hurt in some way or form. But if I'm mean and nasty and people leave no sooner than they've met me then I know for sure that they weren't worth my trouble in the first place and that's a good thing oppose to finding out later on and being hurt. However those that do stick around and put my attitude aside, I definitely know they're worth it and that makes me happy.

Unfortunately in the process of everything or maybe I should say in all of this I've turned out to be very blunt and tell people exactly how I feel. I refuse to sugar coat anything. That's how things misunderstood and when the worst comes, one doesn't know exactly how to deal with it. So I say exactly how I feel, not considering the other person's feelings and tell them how I feel or the truth. They may not like it or may even get mad at me and tell me how blunt or wrong I am. To me that's ok, the truth wasn't meant to feel good.

I know there are times where I can be too blunt and say things I may later regret. However I rather be too blunt than to say a lie and continuously doing that to that person. It's not right and if you think a blunt told truth is bad. Try dealing with someone you care about that you've lied to.

I see it this way. Hilary Duff said:

"You can even be Blunt—just do it with love."

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