Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #14

"Glittered Nails"

A few months ago, I found this picture about how men will never know the small hardships that women make. It gave a list and one of the items were Glitter Nail polish. Men will never know the difficulty and etcetera that comes with removing and even applying glittered nail polish.

It's the truth!! I absolutely despise it though I have oodles of the junk. I hold on to it knowing I probably won't use it but I feel compelled as a female to have it—whether I'm using it or not!

Then when putting this project together, I realized a lot of my problematic issues within my life are like glittered nail polish. I hol on to them for too long, only because I feel obligated by some source of nature to do and I can't let go properly like I want to. I feel if I let go of it all completely I'll be less of a human, less of woman and won't be able to stand up to the next stages of my life. To me that's a big issue that bothers me and scares me to death. I try extremely hard. I know you mustn't forget lessons or those who wronged you—think of forgiveness. I got that, but if ones been hurt really bad and had no choice but to allow a brick wall to be built—how can you say they're selling themselves short when all they did was protect themselves. They did something that they were always told would be someone else's job. I don't think something like that should be let go so easily.

Just like glittered nails, I feel if the person is willing to stick around and work it out with me. Help break down that wall and leave the pieces on the ground. Once everything comes clean, you'll see the natural beauty you've been waiting forever to see. You'll then be able to accomplish many, many things and show that person you can be something beautiful—inside and out and all the way through. Unlike glittered polish who's beauty is deceitful and hard to get through. But not all glittered polish is bad, some enhance the already beautifulness of person and makes them ten times better.

So for most of us glittered polish is a pain in the ass. The rest of us look that much more fabulous. Then there's me, beautiful rare glitteredness, yet with a tough exterior and a unwanted tainted surface. I won't say a good scrub won't do it, make it come naturally beautiful. When it was naturally beautified, no one took notice so thus I grabbed that bottle of glittered polish—Bunny Sparkler is what it's called to be exact (lol)—even then I didn't want it, just didn't have someone then to tell me to put the bottle down, you don't need it, you're fine just the way you are.

Eh! Least my manicure looks better than those who need the help to apply their glittered polish, right?! ;D hehehe

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