Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #11

"Never A Wife, Neither A Mistress"

I have always loved and admired men. They're strong, intelligent and very compassionate in their own way. They serve to protect the ones they love and build a legendary empire of their own. We look up to them and hold them to great regards. Unfortunately, as of lately some men have been rewriting history and changing all perspectives of men in general. I know you shouldn't judge the whole group by one or a few people's stupidity. But when that one to few becomes damn near the whole majority—you can't help but do so.

As I spent these past couple years learning more about love and relationships. I found out I really know nothing when it comes to picking a mate. A good majority of the time I'm not picking these men. They come to me. I think it's messed up I get disrespected from the first meet and greet and then I'm told I'm the one who was wrong leading him on—no I did nothing but log into Facebook, that was all you boo.

The mishaps I've been having so far has made me think back to what this one guy said to me quite awhile ago. I wasn't interested and told him I liked someone else and at the time I did. I also said so because I was trying to be considerate and didn't want to hurt his feelings. So then he told me:

"No man is ever going to love you. No man will ever want you. All men love their wives, baby mama or girlfriend. Whoever is waiting at home for him everyday, he loves that woman. As for you, you're not good enough to be a mistress. Your only purpose is to help a man bust a nut and that's it. Besides its not like you've got anything offer a man anyway, so just accept the fact that's all good for. Now we're either going to fuck at your mom's house I don't care if she's watching. Or we can go to the McDonald's parking lot to fuck. Oh and by the way I don't have tinted windows so get yourself prepared..."

Not something any girl should hear nor be subjected to. But I decided to prove him wrong. Unfortunately not only did that go array, but what he said became true in a blink of an eye.

The single men claim that all of my naturally human flaws keep me from being worth it. The married men want me to make up for what he thought she might've done. Then there's that small group who talk that marriage crap and other dumb shit to you—all have one thing in common, that's to get sex (or a green card) by any means possible from you.

To me for a single man to have these pet peevial wants and dislikes and desires. I find it ridiculous how they can say how fat I am but they're picking up women the size of island—talking about how sexy she is. What??? Or then they complain how I'm not educated enough, not pretty -and skinny enough. Or how useless I am because I don't cook like his mother or have a 10-figure job. Then the interview process is crazy. When the fuck did having a relationship with another human being turn into a job??? Since I don't meet the criteria of such said job. The singletons look over, pass and right straight through me. It's even stranger that the single men are unavailable!

The only ones who are available, are already married. I've had a many a married men talk shit to me and give me the bullshit pick up lines. It's like what makes you think first of all that I'm so stupid?? Secondly why do I want to be with a man who's only going to talk to me when he wants to?? What kind of relationship is that?? Hell you can't even say hello to me on a good day, but as soon as you get a boner here you come running with more conversation than a TV daytime talk show. I've got to tell you all about the creeps this pass week. I don't even like a man who say he has just one kid. I'm not interested. Why do I want to like something that's not mine?? Would pay and take care of a house that's not yours?? NO. Would you work somebody else's hours and not get paid?? HELL NO! Then why do I need to be lovey dovey with a monster that's not mine. They all have a behavior problem too!! That makes it worse. Makes think back to when that crazy I thought knocked me up....his little boy. That little boy was the devil. He didn't like me from the first meeting and then had the nerve to bitch slap me. So I bitch slapped him back. Ohhhh but then I was the one who was wrong. Dude going to say "he's just playing with you." Play my ass, he never liked me!!

Then don't get me started on the men who only want to talk about my boobs or how pretty my lips are and how they want to sniff my feet—then they're like if you come to my country I make you one of my wives. I'm all like naw I'm cool! Then they're like well I move in with you. No no you take that battle up with Madea, not I says the Rabbit.

So with this calvacade of fucked up me that I attract even without makeup and a HOTT BODY. you can see why men turn me off immediately. So much to the point I begin to hate them indubitably. Yeah I said it—I hate men very much. The single men say I'm not good enough; yet the married men say that I'm perfect but I'm still not good enough to be their wife not even their mistress...

You know what I say to all this??

Fuck sex. No sex not ever. Won't even talk about it with a man. Nor a woman. I have better shit to do instead. I'm not about to be used as a sex toy or a free webcam girl. In all honestly I can't see myself getting married. At one point I wanted to but now, no I just can't. Even though I've received offers to be a "side chick" I'm still not interested. I won't deny that I do miss the interaction and intimacy of a man—but if I have to be tortured in the process just to get him to look at me and talk to me or even take me out beyond the car door....

I don't want to be a Wife, a Mistress not even a Friend with Benefits—hey I may not be a virgin but I don't mind dying like one lol.

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