Saturday, November 3, 2012

Broke My Peacock!

I decided to change my nails and I'm happy I did so. All this dreary, lets stick to death colors so called fall inspirations are a total downer :p.

Thus I decided to go against the rules and brighten it up a bit lol.

I wasn't much of a crackle lover. I always thought it was interesting. Then one day I saw this awesome rainbow crackle. Something like this:

Then I got interested. The one I can't remember too much was over $10 so I said no way. Then Sally Hansen came out with one and I've always loved her polish and products and decided to shoot for the (at the time) $6 crackle.

OMG! I could never be so disappointed! Not only did my nails look nothing like that awesome Rainbow Crackle above, it resembled string cheese when you pull it apart -_- I had more thickness and streaks and no crackle. So I said screw it.

Then a short time after I saw that almost every place was coming out with it. I'm like why if it's not going to work, WHY?!

Well when I was thinking of ideas to do for Halloween I noticed Sinful Colors had a crackle. I decided to go for it since I had such a good rapport with their magnetic polish.

Well I tried it and I liked it but by that time I had other plans (See Lucky #13). While I was at the Walgreens one day I saw revlon ha this display up of crackle polish duos. I remember seeing it a few months ago but ignored it because of the bad experience. This display was called Passage To India exotic crackle duos.

The one that caught my eye was called Lavish Lapis. This beautiful chrome-like Teal with a bright neon-like royal blue crackle.
The one on the end (right)

So I decided to spring for it.

I decided to try it Wednesday night and I loved every moment of it. Unfortunately it smeared bad and I had to redo my manicure. I was actually quite pleased. It crackled like it was suppose to and it faintly reminds me of something marble, or maybe the Turquoise gem.

I instantly fell in love with the results. I decided to spring for the other colors. Or what was left of them. I own 7 of the 8. Maybe I'll find the other lurking about somewhere lol.

Anyway here's my Revlon Lavish Lapis that I decided to call Broke My Peacock lol

Without the Flash:

With the Flash:


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