Friday, October 26, 2012

USPS Faux Pas

So I had ordered something a couple days ago. Maybe a week or so at the most. It came apparently on Thursday without my knowledge. I only got one confirmation and usually I would get another but this time I didn't.

The Redelivery Notice said that it would be available today after 9am. Alright. I said yesterday I'd go and check on it.

I just left the post office a good 15minutes or so ago. I signed the form, showed the woman my Drivers License. She went to to get it. So it took her a good 15minutes to come back. And she's like It's not here. What the fuck does that mean? So I asked her what she meant by that. She says there's a bunch of letters back there and I can't possibly look through them all and apparently it must be lost or it definitely ain't here, try again tomorrow or next week. I said tomorrow? The whole while thinking this bitch is crazy. So I asked again was she sure it wasn't there. She gave me the same bullshit line. So I left pissed. Went to the car and dialed the number on the back of the slip. Now in the midst of waiting to talk to a humanoid person my hand felt wet. I check and the slip is soaking wet in one corner. There's a weird number written on it. So then I did get mad and reported that shit.

So in the process of reporting my problem. Tell me why the customer service representative tells me they can have the mailman redeliver it tomorrow. I'm like no, she she's like why not. Because I don't know when he comes and I'm not about to wait all day outside for him to do whatever the fuck. The day before he came at 11:30am. Yesterday he came at 12pm. Last week he came at 9am. The week before he was coming at 3pm. Are you serious??? So the woman said she would document and have someone call me within one business day so basically next week about the package.

So all this bullshit and by time they figure out what could've possibly have happened. My stuffs gonna be sent back to the shipper. However I do plan on contacting the shipper today and let them know about this bull.

Now what I don't understand is how the United States Postal Service can be particular about hiring someone like me who do my fucking job. Yet they hire these incompetent, shifty and downright useless ass people who fuck up more things than better them. Don't tell me my package got lost or it's somewhere else when I haven't received it and the shipper sent it. As far as things are concerned I'm blaming the go-between which is the Post office. Even when I sold a few things on Amazon and eBay, I always ended up with a problem. One was that the package magically opened itself and it got lost during process. Or the persons had shipped to never did receive it yet the Post Office tells me they did.

I don't have much respect for the post office and I get pissed off when shit happens and they can't explain how or why. Ugh they know how to give a serious headache.

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