Saturday, October 27, 2012

Toilet Paper

The people I used to care about the most. I think I need to talk about them for a quick minute.

The people I cared about the most treated me like toilet paper. They know I'm always going to be there when they need me. I'm always there, no judgement and full of care. I take their shit and even let them piss on me. Then once they've gotten what they wanted from me. They toss me aside. They never checked on me or came to see how I was doing. Not even a hello, how do you feel today? Is there something you need. Nothing. They just concerned themselves about that they wanted and how they felt.

The only time they gave a crap about me is when I've said I'm tired and I've had it and decided to run out. Then I get all the attention in the world and they act like their life can't coexist without me there. When the shit is hitting the fan, I mean more to them [then] than oxygen does.

So thinking things could possibly change or get better. I decide to meet them half way and try again.

Because of that slight bought of naïveté. I go back to them. Sadly nothing changes and I'm left alone in the dark what seems like forever, up until they need me again. They come, they're nice, they use me, and dump me just as quickly and their off to making their life more happier. The whole while draining all my energy I put in to make this friendship work. Draining me from being happy.

Making me dislike people a little bit more each day.

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