Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Sims Social

So those of you that have a Facebook and are a fan of the Sims franchise (either or). I'm sure you've heard of The Sims Social Game on Facebook.

Well I would play at first and it would be mostly put of boredom. Then they added the quests and I despised them because they were always a week long and I couldn't get everything done. Then they up the week to 2 weeks and then a month. But still it's hard to ask for stuff when no one will give it. Or definitely won't click. So from time to time I would take a break and pop in when I was extremely bored.

Well today while I'm checking my email I get this message from The Sims Social. The subject line read: ;'( . Here's what the message said:

No you don't get 2000 simoleons it's just a picture people.

BUT OMG!! How sad and pathetic is that????? I felt so bad as a I sort of chortled. Ehh it's been awhile since I've played, I might go check in on her today in between finishing my story ^_^.

Gotta love the Sims.

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