Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Gay Shoplifter & A Penis

So we're sitting there watching Jimmy Kimmel last night. It was a rerun of course and Jimmy mentions that its National Coming Out Day. I'm like wow national coming out day really?? My mom says yes.

So here's how the conversation continued.

Bunny: Mom, I'm gay! ^_^ 
Madea: I really don't give a crap.

Bunny: What? XD

Madea: I don't care what you do. Really. Just make sure your thing has a job and can take care of us.

Bunny: LMFAO!! You're hilarious.

Madea: Ha Ha Ha you be gay all you want ok!

So a little bit later....

Madea: Bunny, what the fuck is this?
Bunny: *looks* OH HEY!! Gimme those! Those go to my chargers.

Madea: Chargers eh? Did you shoplift these?
Bunny: There should be two more.

Madea: *looks in bag; find the other two* Here.

Bunny: Thank you.

Madea: Want your instruction book too?

Bunny: yes thanks—wait minute *thought about what Madea said earlier* I did not shoplift these Mom.

Madea: You'll tell me anything.

Bunny: Lol Yeah.

So then Jimmy Kimmel was talking about some nonsense about a naked Justin Beiber and then showed a picture of a black man taking his picture. But he was naked but had a censor box on his pelvic region.
Bunny: Aww look mom *points to naked man on tv* 
Madea: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?? I wanna see his dick not his underarm. They show women's vaginas and stuff I want to see his thing-a-ling dammit! 
Bunny: Mom you're sucha perv! XD

Madea: I DO! Smdh

So now the title makes sense right?? Lol


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