Monday, October 1, 2012

The Curling Wand

So I've always used curling and flat irons for as long as I can remember. Probably since I was a preteen. Now the hot comb my mama was a fan of that, you put that bad mother on the stove and let the burning of flesh begin!! Lol. You thought what they did in 300 was bad, try that method out once. You'll love an electric hot comb sooo much better!

Anyway, I did by a hot comb because the last one broke or died I guess for lack of better words. I was in need because the new growth is coming in and I'm not much of an expert in "touching up" a perm or even hair color for that matter. So I colored it instead and it help my roots be less unruly. Which was a good thing.

So about a month or so back I saw that a lot of the tv talk shows were promoting the curling wand or rod. I'm like how does one even go about using that thing. Watched it and said well at least you don't have to worry about getting that nasty bend in the hair that curling irons give when you turn the wrong way lol. Well I found one while I was at some store XD either Walgreens or Kmart for $20 by Conair Infiniti line. So I decided to go for it and give it a go. Here's a pic...

This morning I decided to try it. Directions seemed easy and the functionalism of the device was easy and not mind wracking like most technology can be. The curling part.....that's an experience all within itself lol. Not only did it take me damn near two hours to curl what little bit of hair I do have but I will say I miss the clip, I hate the three fingered glove and this doesn't work well with defiant hair. The curls came out nice. For my hair no matter the thickness I still ended up with the same kind of curl. Strange I know. Regardless of what the directions say a good layer of hair spray will at least keep everything in tack and look like you did something constructive.

All in all will I use it again?? It'll be awhile. Not a curly Sue kind of girl. Just give me a nice bend at the ends and I'm cool lol. But it is nice to have especially someone who goes out often. Plus my Curls fell no sooner than I comb them a bit to get to be a little more fuller and not so tight.

Well these curls is fin to stay until they fall completely flat and I need to flat iron it lol. When I get time and a nap I'll take a pretty picture for you guys and post it later ^_^.

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