Friday, October 26, 2012

My Thoughts Exactly!


There are just some days where I don't want to talk, hear or read about your perfectly fucked up relationship with the best/worst man of the world. Or how cute your football tribe of Bebe's kids are the next cutest things to ponies. No I don't want to hear about how you get a new job every two weeks because you deserve it because you took 2 classes at a backyard trade school. Please by all means don't tell me I don't understand anything because I refuse to cock my legs open like an express way tunnel to get attention from a low life douchewaffle. Don't act like you're better than me because you have a "supposed significant other" plus a house full of kids, a job you don't want, and all the welfare benefits in the world. Just because you decided to take the easy way out on life and spread your legs better than butter on toast. Doesn't mean I'm a complete failure. So please don't rub that dumb cockamamie bullshit in my face.

And if at any moment you think you've been hurting my feelings or trying to up the ante on definitely got another thing coming ok!

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