Monday, October 1, 2012

Bunny's Diet | Day 1

Well it's hard to do fasting when you have unnecessarily over protective people. I get that exercise and healthy eating is the best thing to lose weight. However with a carrot costing $8 and we don't have gyms built in our homes and the membership to a gym is too expensive. Why are you telling me I need to walk the waters when all you giving me is a email how to do it. How is that helping me???

So anyway, today I had small portions to eat. Because its been so long since I last done this type of fasting. I couldn't help but feel hungry enough to gobble down a sloppy burger, fries and a shake!! But we can't do that, can't get worked up about it lol.

So I'm thinking that maybe while I'm fasting if I do feel hungry I might slurp a jar of baby food. Today what I did instead was chew a piece of gum and it helped soothe me a bit bit also made things a bit more frustrating than needed. So hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Also thought about getting the shake weight for the arms. I read on the Internet that if you pinch your arm fat 5+ minutes everyday
That helps to get thin arms. Hmm yea tried that and that wasn't my thing. Not only does your hand hurt like hell but to do that constantly for 5 minutes is time consuming and I personally think futile. The shake weight however seems a little bit more consistent. Also it's sold at almost any store so that's a plus!!

My mom said I should jump rope but yea not interested thanks lol. Right now we work on the problem areas and losing weight. I'm fin to make this happen and I don't care what anybody has to say about it lol.

C'est la vie...

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